My first memories

My room was close to the courtyard of the bakery shop. When I woke up every day I listened to my father talking to Antonia, Juan or Manolo. They talked about petisú, pastry cream, glory cake… And between those words, the smell of baked sponge cakes and pies rise up to my room. 

My family legacy

I am the seventh generation of a saga of confectioners that has been active since 1758. In that year, Vicente Asencio Almodóvar obtained the title of Master Confectioner from Mestres Sucrers Union of Valencia.

Products and services

In our bakery shops in Aspe and Novelda our clients can enjoy our sweet and salty productions and also have a coffee or a fizzy drink in our cafe with free wifi. We also offer services of tables with sweet dishes and chocolate fountains, and also catering for little events like birthdays, coffee breaks or openings.  

My career

I have always believed that in our work, as in all professions, we are always apprentices. Learning and growing are essential keys of our success or our failure.

That is why I understand that our knowledge have to be shared with future generations. So we are constantly developing workshops in different areas, specially at schools and highschools where we also teach them about the value of natural and hand-crafted products. 

The team

Since the ingredients enter into our bakery shop until the client blows the candles of the cake we have made there has been many procedures: storage, elaboration, administration, sale, transport and also the following of a marketing strategy. Every part of the process is performed by each of the memebers of our team. They are aware of the importance of their good executation, because the succes of the whole process depends on it. We all need to be coordinate in our work in order to provide our clients the service they deserve. 

My wife, Tere, is the energy that moves all this work system. With her natural joy and vitality, she works, helps and improves every step of all the process. My son Raúl, another essential member of the team, helps us with marketing campaigns, always searching new ways to show our work to the public.

Social work

I believe that it is necessary that we give back a part of what we receive from society. That is why our company devotes a significant part of its resources to colaborate with different inciatives, such as sporting or researching, besides helping underprivileged groups. 

For over seven years I have been the President of the Provincial Guild of Artisans Confectioners of Alicante. I have mainly managed training courses and I also tried to create several autonomical federations.