You can buy online our handmade muffins and toñas

Toñas y madalenas

Toña de boniato y calabaza

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6.00 IVA incluído
6.00 IVA incluído
6.00 IVA incluído
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Handmade muffins and toñas in Raul Asencio Bakeries

Our handmade muffins and toñas have a lot of tradition in our bakeries and now you can also enjoy them whenever you want thanks to our online shop

-Our toña has in its dough pumpkin and sweet potato and it is one of our famoust creations. This is a product that needs to be consumed before a week, because it has a short period of life. That is why we do NOT recommend toñas for international shipping. It is made with sweet potato, pumpkin, butter, oil and orange inside a round mould from where it takes its shape. 

Our handmade muffins are made with love following my father’s traditional recepy. You can taste them in its four varieties:

-Our spongy muffins with lemon peel is one of the tenderest memories that I have from the bakery, because I can still remember my father making them one by one with a spoon. Now I am the one following his example.

-Our handmade muffins with oil and milk are such a classic! They are made with a spongy bun with milk and oil with a touch of lemon.

-What makes our almond and orange muffins special is its big shape: they weight more than 150 grams and have an intense orange taste accompanied by delicious Marcona almonds. 

-Our whole wheat muffins are also big-sized and they are ellaborated with eco products, like spelt flour, turmeric, ginger, tosted malted barley, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and whole cane sugar. That is how we get a healthier muffin. 

Due to its short durability in their best conditions, we do NOT recommend our muffins for international shipping.